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Circotica, an inclusive circus community in Aotearoa and the center for Circus Arts excellence & education has helped to rebuild the arts post-earthquakes.
In April 2016, Circotica was granted funding by Christchurch City Council to open a school that provides assistance with rebuilding after earthquakes.
Circotsi became incorporated in 2018 as an organization separate from its parent society that works on training future circus artists/performers .

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Circotica Circus School
Auckland, NZ

Franklin Home

The 6th annual Franklin Home & Lifestyle Show is coming up! There will be home and garden

Circotica Circus School
Auckland, NZ

Family Car Fun Run

Join us for a Navigational Car Fun Run! Come and have some fun on our fundraising car

Circotica Circus School
Wellington, NZ

Orpheus and Eurydice

In a disjointed future, an individual struggles to comprehend his grief. He had felt this pain before,